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Myers-Briggs Personality Typing

According to Myers-Briggs, each person in the world and indeed each person who ever existed fits into one of sixteen different personality types -mine being INFJ. If you want to find out which you are then check out the Keirsey Website and take the test. The test will determine your psychological type and you will then be able to read a brief profile describing the sort of person you are. Additional character profiles can also be found at the Typelogic Webpage. It's facinating stuff, not mumbo jumbo and well worth a look.

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Ship Of Fools -Absolutely brilliant and very,very funny!

Musical Interests

Vigilantes of Love


Links to Personal Websites

Graham Weeks' Hompeage -this is my Dad's website. It's very interesting and has a vast library of quotations

David's Abode -Ever met somebody with exactly the same name as you? Neither have I....but here is the hompage of someone who has the same name as me!

Richard Harris' Homepage -My good friend Richard's homepage. I'd just like to say that if you find any information here about me that could be construed as character assasination, don't believe it. Richards' had it in for me ever since I played a nasty practical joke on him many moons ago!

Ilona's Reflecting Pool.

Other Websites

London Bible College Online -the website of the college I go to.

International Presbyterian Church -website of the church I go to. Not spectacular, but if you're ever in London and need a church to go to all the details are here!

Christain Answers -If you want answers to many of the questions that you might have about the Christian faith this is the place to go!

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