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i want to believe

Should christians exclude the possibility of life on Mars?  Is the earth the centre of the universe?  What does the bible have to say about kangaroo's, atomic bombs and reptilian shape-shifting aliens?  Final irrefutable proof that we are not alone in the universe and news of a fast growing craze straight from vatican city.

15 October 1999 

a good god?

 Some of my thoughts about the trajedy which unfolded at Columbine high, Littleton.

28 April 1999








earthquakes & eclipse

deja vous?

"Would you care to take a bite?"  said Eve.  "Don't mind if I do!" replied Adam... the rest is history. What's  to stop us making the afterlife a repeat of this one?  If you like philosophical questions you'llenjoy this one!

16 May 1999

"With hue like that when some great painter dips His pencil in the gloom of earthquake and eclipse"  (PB Shelly 'The Revolt of Islam')  Was there a link between the eclipse and the turkish earthquke? Does God speak to us through nature?  For 1 minate at 11 O'clock on 11th November we all observe silence in memory of those who gave their lives in 'The Great War'. For exactly 2 minates and 2 seconds at 11:11 on the 11th August the sun too fell silent. What do we make of it.?

28 August 1999

the scream

Sometimes you feel so much better when you let it all out.  This is what I do here, so please excuse the mess and feel free to examine it if you want!

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